James Routledge from Sanctus on Healthy Habits

James Routledge from Sanctus on Healthy Habits

While short, these interviews mean a lot to us at Flex. Juggling everything is an insane 24/7 challenge and all too often we have Health ball flex tv at-home workout james routledge interviewdropped the balls labelled health. That is to say mental as well as physical health. It is what inspired us to build Flex, to help others stop dropping the health ball.

James’ work on mental health had been second to none in starting a conversation and opening others up to the realities of what they put themselves through. He has taken a candid blog post and grown it into an accelerating community and company that is changing how we view our mental health. So there was no better person to interview first than James himself.

What’s your exercise routine?

Try to swim every Sunday night to clear my head before the week. Football Monday and Tuesday. Infrequent weights sessions at the gym.

Describe the last time you fell off the fitness wagon and what did you do to get back on?

Christmas last year, got bored of my gym routine (just weights bores me). Mixed up the routine and had a re-think on what I actually want from exercise. For me it”s about enjoying the process (workout) not just the results, hence the focus on sports now.

How do you feel when you’re regularly exercising in a week compared to not?

It positively impacts my mental health, I feel good about myself, more confident, more self-aware and more present.

How many hours do you sleep at night?


Do you have a ritual before you go exercise?

Not really.

Can we get a picture of your exercise shoes?

James Routledge Flex interview

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Interested to find out more about the work that James is doing check out Sanctus here.

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